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Warning about Shiitake Donko Artikel

High amount of Sulfur Dioxide / missing allergen labelling

Dear customer,

Of the shiitake mushrooms (Donko) in the picture it was found that they contain a high concentration of sulfur dioxide. Additionally, sulfur dioxide can cause allergic reactions, but there was no mention of it as an allergen on the product label. If you have purchased and still own this product you can return it to us for a refund. If you experienced health complaints after consuming this product please let our staff know.


Product name: Shiitake Donko 50 g, Article J013, LOT-No: QDMS-0120

Expiry date: 28 August 2022

Period the product was sold in our store: From 13 October 2020 until 17 November 2020

Number of products sold in our store: 20






商品名:椎茸どんこ50g ArticleJ013, LOT-No;QDMS-0120